Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Day...

Well, tomorrow is the big day...a day of thanksgiving...not just turkey, stuffing, cranberry relish and desserts but of family and a time to pause and think on the things we are thankful for. It is easy to think of things we want or don't have but what are we truly thankful for...I know I am thankful for a husband who has stood beside me for these last two years during my dark journey of daily headaches, with my ups and very low downs, all the visits to the ER's, and my terrible temper cause my head JUST hurts, and has loved me even when I'm not really worthy of loving. Two amazing children, Melysa and Douglas, who are the loves of my life and have kept me going when I just didn't want to anymore. For a mother who diligently prays for me and my family and boy have we needed them. And my AMAZING sister, Angela, who has been my ear to listen day after day to my stories and complaints. This has been my circle of life, this is now my circle of THANKFULNESS!! Life is short and illness really sucks but make the most of the good moments, ride out the bad as best as you often, laugh much.........and create, create,'s a great thought diverter!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I have returned!!!

Well....long time no see!!! As some of you may know I struggle with daily chronic migraines and I had a terrible bout with them this past week. I've recovered and in fact think am finally on the road to recovery with a proper diagnosis and doctor....During my time down I created a collage book titled "How Great".... great thought replacement therapy!! I will have picts later....

Speaking of are some from my Reception at the Arts Gallery in Lisbon. My husband, Walter, sister, Angela, daughter, Melysa and friend, Paula.

My reception was a lives were lost... items were sold...friends came!!!

I love this picture of Lysie, my girl, me and my mom....the girls...I look a bit frazzled but happy!!