Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Self Challenge

I was in a bad way.....
my creativity gone....nowhere to be found!
....and I was VERY SAD.
When I've encouraged others with this same malady
I emboldened them to find a challenge...
check out a sketch to inspire their creativity.
I tried these same tactics and NOTHING!

So what did I do.....
watch this little clip to find out!!

Here is what I came up with my
"floor 'TOVERS" hahahahaha

Now, this was my challenge to myself
use only what I picked up off the floor
or what was on my craft surface.

 In the end, I cheated and pulled out a stamp that
spoke to my heart!

Products Used
Tattered Angels

Black Orchid
Canvas CorpCanvas Garland
Crown Mash

Relics & ArtifactsAncient Heart

Yvonne Blair Design/IOStamps
Everyday Quotes 1