Saturday, February 28, 2009

Off to Copic Certification

Well the day has arrived...when we close the store today Deb & I will be headed south for out Copic Certification at Absolutely Everything in Topsfield MA. Not sure if I'm not more excited to got to the store or the class. I've always wanted to go to this store.......ahhhhhhh!!

Will be back Monday for an update...til then have a Wonderful Weekend!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Monday Again....

How does that happen......;)
Well it's a snowy Monday...the phone rang at 5:30 am to inform us that there would be no school...something about that just isn't right......5:30 am....could they have called at 6:00 am at that's my RANT for today.

I am thankful for the snow...I love it! There is such a peace and beauty to fresh fallen snow. It's totally awesome!! These pictures were taken of my back yard...can't wait to build a snowman when I get home!

So, I am off to the Arts Gallery to teach the first class of our week long Arts Kids Kamp!! There are so many great classes being taught. It's our first time out of the shoot...we received a great reponse. I will be teaching eight 7-10 year olds how to create a Collage Frame. Have the logistics all figured out...they will go from station to station creating different elements...then as a group we will put it all together. It should be a great time. I am looking forward to it.

I lifted the idea from a Mirrored Frame that I created in a class with Tim Holtz at CHA last year! Techniques are limited for the sake of the kids. I hope the kids like it. Will be back with picts from the class!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Never...GIVE UP!!!

I was driving into work the other day and a segment from Focus on the Family came on the radio....they are always a thought provoking commentary. This time they were talking about....Abraham Lincoln, a man who never gave up. They began to list all the things he tried and failed at, businesses, runs for different congressional seats, and more. The list was quiet lengthy....but he never GAVE UP....regardless his defeat!!!

It's hard when you lay your heart and soul out there, bear it for all to see, then your hopes are dashed!! Part of me says.... don't put yourself out there, don't allow yourself to be hurt.... settle for the mediocre.... you cry.... but I have to acknowledge those feeling and move onto the next step, the most important step.... PULL UP YOUR BOOTSTRAPS and try again... Keep trying until to you accomplish your goal. NEVER GIVE UP!!! For when then the day arrives that you reach you goal.... Watch out world... then watch your back so you don't get shot in the head!!! hehehehehe

On my long weekend, I created a few layouts.... here they are! I love my boy but I find it to be very difficult to create LO of him... I can do a girlie girl page without reserve, flowers, flourishes, all those things...but God gave me a here it goes ...I used Prima paper...TDF!!! the layered circles are cut out of fabric, and an added touch of hand stitching!!!

Here is the other page I did, of my Diva Niece!! I cut the flower with my Slice...gotta love it!! The stitching around the edge finished off the page!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today..........Love is in the air.........a day to tell all those special people in our lives that we love them and that they are important...thought about...special. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!

Last night, was a special night for my daughter, Lysie. She was Queen of the 10th grade at the Winter Carnival....Her and her brother did a Sneak Peek on Thursday night....Lysie never ceases to amaze me...She said,"To bad Doug's not in 9th grade...I'd have him be my date?" Kids say the most amazing things... sometimes!!!

So, I can't wait to pick up my pictures from Wally Land and scrapbook them!!! Two BEAUTIFUL girls!!!

Here is a picture of a page I did about Dougalo... "Session" extreme boy!!! I got to use Embossing fun was that to work with...then surprise...surprise....I inked it....This was a fun page to do!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A new discovery.......

I don't know if you noticed the Project 52 link on my is a way cool blog to PUSH you out of your box, to expand your designs and make you look at things differently. Here is my inspired project for week #4.

I had ssssooooooooooo much fun creating this box....It was created using scraps off of my craft table.

Things I had taken out to use and never did, scraps of paper from previous projects and a "Few Finds" that just fit perfectly on this to create a brag book to fit in there and it will be a complete project.......if you get a chance take a wander over to Project will be well worth your time!!>

What a creative day........

Yesterday I spent my day at the should see me bring in all my wares....bags, totes, cases......I literally look like I am moving in...and usually there is something I want that I didn't bring. So as I was doing my time, I decided to make more card faces as my inventory at the gallery has become rather depleted. I had made the background paper at my last gallery it was time to embellish them.

As my students always hear me say........IT'S ALL ABOUT THE TEXTURE!!! The background is created using my Mini Mister filled with Distress Ink Reinker ink and water...sometimes with the addition of a little Perfect Pearls to add a little bling. I love that you can use the same three colors over and over again and never have the same the paper through your Cuttlebug...add a little ribbon and buttons and there it is a....a one of a kind original!! My Frameable Art Card!!

And what would life be if I didn't add some form of the cardboard ripple. So all in all I had a very productive day!!! Now to mount them onto their black cards....and back to the Gallery the cards will go!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Who do you love??

The day of Love is right around the corner... the day to let all those special people in you life know how much they mean to you!!! I created this layout about my hero, my rock....

I used one of my favorite manufacturers paper....Webster's Pages....the flowers are colored in using my Copic can't see...but I used Perfect Pearls to accent the flowers and was rather tedious cutting out everything but the effect is WAY COOL!!! I rolled up my "Love Letter" to my mom and tied it to the page...

To my mom,
I know I don't tell you enough just how much I LOVE YOU!!...

You have been the anchor in the storm with your reassuring words, prayers and even your silence... listening to my ramblings.

You are my Hero, my rock. Thank you.... Love me

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another creation...

Hello everyone in Blogland...hope you had a wonderful day....mine was half and half...we had to tear apart my daughters room today for Servpro to come in and remove the carpet and tear out her was really beginning to stink...they came just in the nick of time. I am just amazed at how quickly it is drying out. When they pulled down the wall and all the insulation out there were icicles on the exterior wall...that was tons of water pouring into her room!! If you look close you can see them in the pict.

The other half of my day was creating this page for the Frugal Scrapbooker Contest. The flowers and leaves are made with packaging. The dots are left over pieces from who knows what and I used leftover Grungeboard for my "pop dots"! My kids voted this the coolest page I've done yet! Pretty good award from for the judges....would be cool to win!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Backlash Monday...

I don't know about you but it was a rough start this Monday Morning!!! Yesterday was a very full day... We started out the day having to shovel off the roof. Lysie's room sprung a leak. Her carpet is soaked and water was running down her wall....Such a thing to behold I must say!! We also had drips from the window frame...almost could have taken a shower in there...So now my day will be filled with clearing up that mess and contacting the insurance company!

Then it was off to Mom's, to celebrate her 70th b-day! We ate, We laughed and I took pictures. A fantabulous time had by all!! Here is a pict of mom with her girls.... FYI... my mother and sister were born on the same day....
what a great Birthday gift!!!

Now on the invitation it was clearly stated... NO PRESENTS. But who goes to a Birthday party with NO GIFTS!! I've always had a slight (an understatement) rebellious streak, so I brought gifts...of course! Another given....I made it that morning while Walt and Doug were shoveling off the roof.

You see...I won a Slice at CHA last summer and it had a glitch which caused me to have to send it back...well, the wonderful folks at Making Memories fixed it's wild hair and sent me goodies in the was like Christmas all over....Thank You MM!!! So....using those goodies, my slice and their paper....this is what I came up very monochromatic....I Love today I will make one for me...using the above picture! Yeah!!

We ended the day watching the Super Bowl....what a game....and what a Catch....Now I don't know about you but I watch it for the commercials too.....Rough though...Can't even get up to go the bathroom for fear of miss the Great One!! What was your favorite commercial? Mine, I think was the Doritos/Snow globe let me know which one made you laugh the most!!!

So I'm off to, laugh and create!!