Monday, September 29, 2008

The beauty of fall!

I was driving to work this morning in total awe of the beauty of the landscape! The hills are truly ablaze with color. It seemed to happen in just the past week, the colors seem have just popped!!! Words or film can hardly capture the beauty. I am so glad we didn't get the rain or wind the weather folk predicted so the leaves can hang on to be admired a bit longer.......a TRUE THING OF BEAUTY!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Here they are...

As I promised here are some picts of the pieces I have been madly working on this last week!!! And what fun I've been having to say the least. I even took a day off of work to create, how bout that! The possibilities with Grungeboard are endless. It is just so pliable, moldable and just down right fun I must say. Stamp it, Ink it, dust it with Perfect Pearls, mist it with water, set it with heat, shape it, and there you have it, A TRUE THING OF BEAUTY!

The wood is colored with Distress ink and Archival ink then stamped.

So, I am praying tomorrow the showers end up being more SCATTERED than not. I am prepared, I have cut watercolor paper to make backgrounds for my maple leaf card, and I have cut and embossed plenty of leaves so I can make up a bunch of cards. That should keep me busy. Our booth is tented with sides so we can stay dry.
(FYI: You're Special is a picture frame, Friends has a mirror in the center)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Told you!!! I warned you about this faithful thing!!! I have been sooooooooooooooooo busy trying to create STUFF for the Lisbon Fall Festival this coming Saturday....Now they are predicting a Noreasta' (rain snow!!) I am so wicked bummed!!!! beyond words. ANYWAYS....I promise I will post pics tomorrow of some of the pieces I have made....
Now I must get creative and find other venues to sell my stuff...Maybe I should get my Etsy account going and active. So anyways....till tomorrow.........................

Friday, September 19, 2008

16 Years Today...

Hard to believe....16 years today...Walter and I said I Do...for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part....I Do....only one of those have we not met...hope we don't any time to soon...I love you babe!!!! Me

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall is here!!!

Fall is in the air...the leaves on the trees are changing color, it will be in the twenties tonight...burr...the local farms are cutting down the corn...mums are for sale everywhere. I have a love hate relationship with this time of year! It's my favorite....I just know what's coming!!! So yesterday, I served my required volunteer duty at the Gallery and got to create all day long! I hauled in all of my bags of stuff because I no idea what I would want to work on.Typically its very quiet with little to no distractions, so I just put on the tunes and create away... pure heaven!!!

So, I decided I would first catalog all of my Reinker filled Mini Misters on water color paper. After that, I decided to use my Provo Craft Cut & Emboss Maple Leaf I had recently acquired. Next, I pulled out my Shure Tape and Alcohol Inks, a little Stickles, some Reinker filled Mini Misters, a few of my Embossing Folders, my IBT and Distress Inks, the recently discontinued Mulberry Paper and Voila....a thing of beauty. Now all I have to do is reproduce this and 12 other designs a few more times and distribute them to local stores, the gallery and oh yea save a few for the art festival and I'll be good to go!!! The original design process always takes the longest....I just need to remember to be a little more methodical in the documentation of the designing!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The smell of rubber and exhaust.........

Ok so I love NASCAR!!! And my husband and I were totally blessed with 4 tickets to the race at NH Motor Speedway for the Sylvania was awesome!!!! The smell of burning rubber. I love it!! And the rumble in my chest as 43 cars go racing by....words just can't describe it!!! It was quite iffy as to whether or not it would go green but the rain passed, they brought out the blowers, dried off the track and it was a great day for a race!!! Had a couple of wrecks...always good to see! Kyle wahwah Busch did horrible YEAH!! So it was a great day!!! even though Jeff Gordon did not do so hot. (he finished 14th) Took all day yesterday to recoup now I can function again! And I'm ready to go.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


OK so I was doing my morning blog hopping and you have to check this out... it's about me!

This was sooooooo fun...

OK so I've been trying to come up with all this new stuff and of course I can't get away from grunge board and Wendy's stamps so I put a twist on things and rubbed a little Glossy Accents on the flowers. I pulled out some Maya Road Sheer Collection Blossoms ran them through my's all about the texture!...used a little Alcohol Ink to make the flowers look like leaves and rubbed a little Glossy Accents on them and there you have it....not to shabby...ya think!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rain Rain go away...

So I woke up this morning to hear the rumble of thunder and the sound of rain and I sooooo wanted to just roll over and pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep but LIFE was calling....lunches to be out the door for school...did I find out where every one would be after school and who need picked up where? ! ? ... my creating bags packed for work...gotta get this falls class schedule going...then there's me to get ready and out the door on time...which never seems to happen. . . which I was late again...and of course that would lead to getting behind some dear old lady puttering along at 5-10 miles below the speed limit and when the only passing lane comes along came the cars in the other direction!!! maybe I should have pulled the covers over my head!!!. . . boy oh boy the rambling. . . I think I do need to go create and get this excess whatever outta me!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Too Much Fun....

OK. . . so I have an Art Show September 27 and I am the featured artist at the Lisbon Art Gallery in November. . . needless to say I have been working madly to create pieces as I have a very limited collection (did I say collection...not) so I have had a blast using different techniques to create pieces and this is one I created last night. Anyone who knows me knows I love my Ranger supplies and boy did I use them in this piece!!! The paper was created using Reinkers and Mini Misters. Next I used my MOST FAVORITE STAMPS IN THE WORLD....Studio 490 Wendy Vecchi / Stampers Anonymous....Every one should own these stamps!!! They are the best!!! and Tim Holtz -Festive Sounds. I applied a layer of beeswax to the paper and with Suze's Hot Wax Art Stylus Tool and Creative Imaginations Foil I randomly rubbed the Stylus over the surfaces. (that's the orange looking stuff, much better looking in person) I must say. . .I suprised myself, I do that occasionally!
The sun is's a beautiful day....enjoy life!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The beginning

The beginning of something for me is always the easy's keeping it going for the long hall that is the difficult part. But here goes nothing!!! I choose today to be faithful to keep this blog going and to try and be faithful...let see how it works!!