Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring at Last Wreath....

....when I opened my Graphic 45 ~  12 x 12 Place in Time Paper Pad....
I just fell in love with the March Paper!

It's been a long...strange winter this year,
And I'm am sure many of us are wondering
if Spring will ever come!
...with Spring.....comes FLOWERS...
...and GREEN...and LIFE!!

This wreath began as an Easter Wreath,
but ended up being a SPRING WREATH.
Something that could grace my front door

2 Crafty Chipboard

I had SOOO much fun working with the
New Printed Darjeelings ~ Shades of White.
(all things are better when they start out white!!)

2 Crafty Chipboard

I colored them with various Viva Colour ~ Inka Gold colors.

Just love all the greens....
diecut or 2 Crafty chipboard.

The White ~ Crochet Lace was just the
perfect accent.

Using the Tattered Floral Die
I cut (1) "large" flower from each...
March Place in Time paper
Canvas Corp Handmade &
White Flute papers.
And colored them with Viva Colour ~ Inka Gold.

The icing on the cake...
I soooo loved the "verbage" I found on the
backside of the printed paper.
"At Last, Spring is Here"

It's spring fever.  
That is what the name of it is. 
And when you've got it, you want - 
oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want,
but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!  
~Mark Twain 

Products Used:
Hope you enjoyed my Spring Wreath...

Monday, March 25, 2013

an..."I WONDER...IF??!?!" moment

Can I just say.....

when I have a 
"I WONDER....IF??!??"
moment....and it WORKS!

Well, I had one of those moments last Friday.
I had seen some of my fellow "teamies" 
playing along with
(sorry case is closed!!)
So, I decided to head over there to check it out...
needed a "good thought divertor"!!!

That case file just jumped out and grabbed me!
(.....still drooling over the photo!!)

That is when my "I WONDER....IF??!?"

....can I make flowers from some Vintage Goods
I had recently acquired?????
And this is what I found out....
YES!!......just LOOOK!

Ranger Ink Spellbinders

My Evidence:
Tape Measure
Vintage Elements
Chicken Wire

Spellbinders Claudine Hellmuth's Studio

Inspiration Words ~ Inspire

Spellbinders Claudine Hellmuth's Studio

I even created a "QUICKIE"
on my "MOMENT".....

Hope you enjoy!!

You can see my video here.

The most valiant thing you can do as an artist is 
inspire someone else to be creative.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Sunday, March 24, 2013

OUTTA my box....

I have such a LOVE for kicking people outta their
little creative boxes they have created for themselves....
Well I have to say.....the peeps at Reminisce did it TOOOO ME!!!

They have a new Collection they are releasing....OMBRE!

Now....for everyone who knows my creative style....
these would not be my color of choices.

But.....outta my box I went!
Now, I have been wanting to create with
a chevron pattern...sooooo I gave it a shot!

Here is my first go of it....

Can I just say I love this picture of my daughter!!!!
I wanted the layout to be just as
crazy as the picture!!!
She had just gotten out of her Grampa's pool
where she was playing with her brother and cousin!

Here is my second layout....
another picture of my daughter
....a bit more recent!!!

Lots of Petaloo
2 Crafty Chipboard
Luminarte ~ Silk Acrylic Glaze
and Viva Colour ~ Inka Gold
Crafter's Workshop what would it take to kick you outta your creative box???

You should just try it.....I DARE YA!!! hehehehe

Shoot for the moon.  
Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.  ~Les Brown

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Spring Card and a Video

I woke up this morning and decided I wanted to created a video....


Tattered Floral

I think there is a bit of IRONY in the fact
that when I went to photo my card...
I had to lay it in some fresh fallen snow.... is inevitable

Tattered Floral

.....and here it is!!!!

I did sneak in a "Tattered Floral" for Tim Holtz's Challenge
and a bit of corrugated cardstock for the Eclectic Paperie Challenge.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Shoot for the Stars!!

I must say.....
I am TOTALLY SMITTEN with the new
Printed Darjeeling Flowers!!
The colors are just DIVINE....
but I must say
the "Shades of White" Collection
As y'all know.....I LOVE to color
I must say.....the flowers are UNBELIEVEABLE!!!
They "sop" up the color
and keep their BEAUTIFUL shapes!!!
Let me stop chattin' about them and show you!

Petaloo Printed Darjeeling Star

I began with a wooden star,
which I covered with
the Graphic 45 ~ November Cut Apart paper
from the Place in Time Collection.
ohhhhhhh such gorgeous colors.

Petaloo Printed Darjeeling Star

I then pulled out some of the
Wild Mini Blossoms
Medium Wild Blossoms
and the fantabulous
Wild Butterflies.
The focal point of my star is the Tiny Kathleen Frame.
I painted on a layer of Gold Precious Metal Effect Paint.

Petaloo Printed Darjeeling Star

I chose to use Twinkling H20's
to color these beauties!!
(do you just see the A~MAZING COLOR??!??!)

Petaloo Printed Darjeeling Star

Just look at that butterfly.....

Some people dream of success...
while others wake up and work hard at it. 
~Author Unknown

sooooo.......SHOOT FOR THE STARS!!!

Products Used:
Printed Darjeeling ~ Shades of White

Splash of Color
Luminarte ~ Twinkling H20's ~ Ultimate Romance
Viva Colour ~ Old Silver ~ Inka Gold
Green/Yellow ~ Inka Gold
Viva Colour ~ Gold ~ Precious Metal Effects

2 Crafty Chipboard
Tiny Kathleen's Frame

Graphic 45
Places in Time Collection

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

....2 week!!!!

I packed my bag thinking 3-4 days at 
my friend's house would be about right.....
then I could head home!! 
Sooooo....I pulled out my new Water Color journal
(I will share that in another post)
I had bought months ago
and filled a serving tray with Twinks!!

....cause you never know...
I might just get the urge to CREATE....

As I was packing up my car....
at the last minute I decided to grab 
my basket of Viva Colour goodies just NEVER know....
oh and my tool bag....
and off I went!

Little did I know those 3-4 days would
become 2 WEEKS!!!!!

Both of my children came down
so I knew I COULDN'T go home.

By this time I am beginning to feel a bit better.
Now comes the problem...
there was no to keep from going insane
I NEEDED to create something
(it's very important to any recovery process)

but I had NO PAPER


Soooooo....I challenged myself to create something...
with WHAT I HAD!!!
(I did have a friend bring me a jar of Multi Medium,
a Craft Mat and some Buckram)

I began by cutting up a box that was laying around..

I didn't have any dies....
so I hand cut flowers out of items I picked up during an outting to Joann's.....
(that's another whole story!!)
some fabric, printed burlap, buckram and some way cool netting stuff.

I dug around in my tool bag
and I can across some Magic Mesh.....
whoooo knows how long that had been in there!

On another outting, I did come across a
way cool "Americana" mini puzzle.....
which..who could resist for $1???

....and I created.....
a little here.....a little there
cause one can only watch soooo much daytime TV.
And use my phone to go online....
(didn't bring my glasses and they keep making
the text smaller!!)

I do have to say......
I am sooooo HAPPY I chose to grab
the basket of Viva Colour goodness!!
It was also good not to have all my
"to go to tools"
and to dig deep into my creative well
to try different things....
and see what I could come up with....

and that quote....
I LOVE IT......

SOOOO......I challenge you....
create something without using
your "to go to" supplies....