Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I have to say......I was CREATIVELY stumped this morning.
I needed to come up with project to video for this weekend....
yet...... I had another project due later....
But I was stuck wanted to work on the second project.....
As I was in this creative struggle....
I opened my email......and there
was my

the challenge......
"use all six primary and secondary colors"
I chose 6 Gelatos
a primed "mini canvas"
and let the creating begin.
I made 6 vertical swipes
with one of each of the colors.
I then spritzed the Gelatos
with European Gold ~ Shimmering Mist.

Once dry....
I lathered on a thick layer 
of Matte ~ Multi Medium.
Choosing one of my favorites
I stamped into the Multi Medium.
(I got the idea watching my fellow
Education Team Member ~ Miranda Edney.)
I placed my mini canvas into a 200 degree oven
to help expedite the drying process.
When dry I spritzed the Multi Medium
with European Gold Shimmering Mist.
See how it just sits in the crevices!??!?

A flower.....
some leaves, with a 
piece of ribbon and jute!
I was now free to complete my 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sketch Inspiration......

It's been a REALLLLLY long time
since I played along with a sketch!! So, when I had the opportunity
to play along with this weeks sketch at Sketch Inspiration....

For my take on the sketch.....I chose to design a card.

I pulled out some papers from past Swirlydoo's kits...
Grabbed some of those leftovers laying around on my craft table...
My Distrezz It All.....
Emperors Gold ~ Silk Acrylic Glaze....
and voila!!

So....why don't you pull out some of your left over papers
and supplies and play along with the 

When you have finished your creation.....
make sure to load them into the
who know you could be the winner of this gorgeous kit....
donated by Swirlydoos.com

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Burlap Christmas Canvas

Christmas is quickly approaching 
(can't keep hiding my head in the sand!)
and it's time to start thinking ahead....
(or I will be soooo sorry!!!)
Sooooo....no time like the present to
begin creating gifts.


What better combination than
Petaloo Velvet Holiday Florals
JustRite Stamper's
Antique Christmas Tags ~ Clear Stamps??!!?!?

Add a Color Me Crazy
 Chipboard ~ Fancy Frame
a couple of Berry Spray sprigs,
a bit of Assorted Foliage
Silk Acrylic Glaze
and you have one fabby gift!!

If you would like to see further....
how I created my canvas
I made a video tutorial for you.
Now I know....it's a bit long...
but I didn't want you to miss any of the steps
on how to create this
"Season's Greeting Burlap Canvas"!!!

Products Used:

Canvas Corp ~ 4x4 Burlap Canvas

Luminarte ~ Silk Acrylic Glaze
Emperor's Gold
Olive Vine 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Life Can't Get Much Better......

I recently receive an AH~MAZING box of Canvas Corp goodies........
Canvas & Burlap Canvas'
Lots of YUMMMIE papers
....but I had to wait to create with it!!
I had to complete my other assignments.....
when I got a moment.....
this is what I made!!

....a chunky canvas
Deco Mesh...
Silver Kraft paper

Do you like how the edges of the Chunky Canvas
were dipped in Emperor's Gold Silk Acrylic Glaze??

I created my flower using all different kinds
of YUMMIE Canvas Corp Papers...
Black Handmade Paper
Silver Kraft Paper
....a bit of Emperors Gold
Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist
and Silk Acrylic Glaze
....sprinkled with a dash of Vintage Glitter Glass!
ohhhhhh la la!

I just love this Deco Mesh....
(big hint......paint on a layer of Matte ~ Multi Medium
and you will be good to cut whatever shape you' d like!!!)

I even stamped on the Canvas wings
with Emperor's Gold Acrylic Glaze!!

Hope you like my bit of "Heaven"!!
I sure had fun!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

....and the winner is!??!

I chose a random winner of these little goodies.....and the winner is??!??
Drumroll please........

Susan N Roe aka Jubilee

Please email me your addy ASAP
so I can get these
litte goodies out in the mail to you!!


Thanks for ALL the wonderful
comment peeps!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Goopy, globby GOODNESS!!!

Good Saturday Morning to y'all!!!

I am excited to share with you my
'Tover Technique Tag!!!!

Hope you enjoy it!

A Swirlydoos ~ Imagination  Lab Tutorial!!

Here are some picts of my creation......goooopy, glooopy GOODNESS!!!!

SOOOOO......here you go!!! 
Hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to pull out some 'TOVERS!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beloved, Strong, Beautiful!


Beloved, Strong, Beautiful!

When the discussions started regarding this month being
I knew I wanted to create something "OUTSIDE the BOX"
and I didn't want my creations to be just about "PINK"!
SOOOOO.....I decided to "REDRESS" a mannequin that's
been kicking around for awhile now!!
and it all began here.....
I gathered up a bunch of various "TWINKS"
aka.....Luminarte ~ Twinkling H20's!
all in the "red" color palette.
...threw in a few golds for spice!!
I covered the paper mache Mannequin with Black Gesso.

When the "Twinks" were nice and gooopy
[meaning less water ~ because I wanted more intense color]
I placed globs of the Twinkling H20 goodness at the neck of the
mannequin and let the drips begin.

I also took Color Me Crazy flowers by Petaloo
and colored up a bunch of the flowers.
Which I used as a colorful brassier....
to accent my mannequin!! 
I finished my girl off with WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT....
because any woman who has OVERCOME
any type of devasating event...
needs to know that she is...

Luminarte ~ Twinkling H20's ~ Grande Jars
29509 ~ Ginger Peach29540 ~ Vavoom
28420 ~ Apple Blossom
28419 ~ Sunflower
26357 ~ Spiced Pumpkin26371 ~ Coral Berry26363 ~ Solar Gold 

Monday, October 15, 2012

whooooo HOOOOOO!!!

I want to thank each and every one of you who so faithfully follows my blog....
have signed up to follow my blog by email and who faithfully 
leave me wonderful comments!!
It is YOU who make this whole thing worth it!!!

But before we get to what I have up my sleeve.....
I want to share with you something that has been brewing around in my head since July when I first laid my eyes/hands on the AMAZING Canvas Corp Stockings!!!

Last night.....I just couldn't take it ANY LONGER!! SOOOOOO.....I pulled it out along with a jug of Viva Colour Modeling Creme ~ Pearl, some Color Me Crazy Flowers from Petaloo and a couple of pots of Luminarte ~ Primary Elements.

I began by laying one of my FAVORITE Existencils ~ Bon Soir over top of a Small Canvas Stocking.

Using a sponge, I dabbed the Modeling Creme through the stencil and let it dry!

I pulled out 3 pots of Primary Elements:
Hot Cinnamon, Sunflower and Coral Berry
along with  PE ~ Bind and Resist.

I mixed equal parts of PE and Bind & Resist then added water.....ohhhh sooo pretty.

I spritzed the Canvas Stocking with water and painted the colorful liquid onto the stocking in a random fashion....periodically spritzing with water to help blend.

I then pulled out some Color Me Crazy Flowers by Petaloo and spritzed them with water.

Using my colorful liquid mixture I painted the flowers with various colors.

When dry, I adhered 2 flowers together, pinched them from the back and "man handled" them a bit and adhered them to the top of the stocking.

To finish off the stocking I found a piece of muslin stuff....no idea where it even came from but it's PERFECT!!

SOOOOOO glad to get that outta my head.....and it came out AWESOME
......love it when that happens.

NOW.......in celebration of my 600th follower......I want to do something for my FAITHFULS!!

I want to give away these pumpkins I created!!

In order to be in the running to win this litte ditty......
I need you to do the following...
Each one you do, is another opportunity to win.

 * Leave a comment on this blog post.

* Follow me by email if you are not already.
(under "about me" on the side....and don't forget to "verify"

I will draw a winner on Monday.....October 22nd!!
Be sure to check back!

PS......Thanks Simon Says Stamp and Show for the opportunity to share one of my FAVORITES!!! (along with color....flowers.....textiles.....need I say more???)

ONCE AGAIN..........Thanks bunches!!!!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Blog Hop Goodness!!!

Welcome to Swirlydoos' October Kit Reveal Blog Hop Block Party!! 

If you came here from Paulien's blog,
then you are on the right track.  If not, go back to Swirlydoos' blog
and start from there.  We have some amazing projects for you to see today!!
Also, as an extra special twist,
2 of our designers are hiding secret prizes on their blogs!!!!! 
Make sure to leave a comment on all of the blogs for a chance to win!!! 
Check out Swirlydoos on Facebook and Like Us!!!
Can I just say......the October Technique Kit is
Here is the cover I created.....
9 layers of  mixed media GOOOODNESS!!

Luminarte Primary Elements.....Silk Acrylic Glaze....
Gesso.....and Gloss Gel Medium!!!!
sooooooo much goodness!!!

awesome flowers.....beautiful papers!!

here is how I created my cover!!!
Hope you enjoy it.
You have until midnight, eastern time, 
on Wednesday, 10/10 to complete the hop. 
Winners will be announced on the Swirlydoos Blog on Thursday 10/11.  
In order to qualify to win here is what you need to do:
1: Visit all of the blogs and leave a comment on each. 
This way we know you were there. Become a follower if you're not already. 
Take your time. There are REALLY beautiful things to see along the way.
2: Before you leave each blog, look for the “special” words and write it down.
Once you have visited all the blogs and collected all the special words, 
they will create a sentemce.

3: Finally, go back to the Swirlydoos blog and 
leave a comment letting us know how much fun you had, 
tell us the sentence that was created with all of the special words you collected. 
    Can't wait to hear from you.
My special word is : SOMEONE
The party continues over at Heidi's blog.  Have fun!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pink it is......

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.....
I created this card for Creative Imaginations!
In recogintion of ALL who have overcome or
are overcoming a "life altering illness"
I say.........DREAM BIG!!!!
I began by creating my card base from Beach Cottage Paper.
I pulled out my Iron Romance ExiStencil
and lathered on some gesso.

When it was dry.....
I spritzed the card face with Sweet Whisper ~ Shimmering Mist.
I just love how the color settled in the crevices.

Of course, I had to tear up the edges of my card!!!

I pulled out a package of Devotion ~ Die Cuts and
found the perfect verbage for my card!!
The butterfies I used are from the same package of Die Cuts.
I just rubbed a little gesso on them to tone 'em
down so they would flow with my card!!
To finish of the card....
I spritzed a Color Me Crazy flower
with Sweet Whisper ~ Shimmering Mist.
I then painted on a bit of Persimmon ~ Shimmering Mist
to add depth to the flower.
A few accent flowers.....a loopy bow
and my card is complete!!! 
I may have used this quote before....
but it just speaks volumes!!! 
Hold fast to your dreams,
for it dreams die,
life is a broken winged bird 
that cannot fly!!
Lanston Hughes 
Products used:
Creative Imaginations/Luminarte

28007 ~ Beach Cottage Paper

27992 ~ Devotion Die Cuts 
29042 ~ Sweet Whisper ~ Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist
26465 ~ Persimmon ~ Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist
28591 ~ Iron Romance ~ ExiStencil

Color Me Crazy
1580-006 Birdhouses with Birds ~ Chipboard

1548-000 Wild Roses
1541-000 Mini Pearl Daisies

at....Link Up For Pink!!

Monday, October 1, 2012


You need to head over to Scrapbooking.com...

and see my complete "Boo Banner"......
there is a product list and complete instructions......
so YOU can make this banner tooo!!!

Thank you for poppin' over!!