Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Fun of it ALLLL!!!

Oh I've been gettin' messy again!!! I know...I are totally surprised!!! Even TOTALLY SHOCKED!!! hehehehehe.....

Them girlies over at Let's Capture Our Memories are AT IT AGAIN...such a creative bunch they are!! Well...they are fixin' to have a Birthday and Liz Hicks, Tattered Angels Educator is going to be stopping Tink (aka Tanya our fearless leader) came up with a FAB have a ScrapCapture....What is that you ask....Have no fear...I'll tell ya!!!

You see Liz created this BEYOND AMAZING layout....

I wasn't kidding when I said it was AMAZING!!! So, the whole idea is to look at this layout and to be inspired and to scraplift it!!!

As soon as I saw it...the wheels in my mind started up!! but I had to wait TWO WHOLE days before I could begin....complete torture to say the least!!

Enough is my take on Liz's layout...

Let me tell you....I had ink and paint EVERYWHERE...I was having so much fun. Now when I started this project at 10 o'clock last you think I could find a 12 x 12 piece of cardboard?? No!! so I improvised. I cut 2 pieces 6 x 12, turned it on its side, cut the ends off and stuck them in the corners. Then I glued them down to another sheet of paper!

I painted the cardboard with Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Acrylic Paint....first I used Blank Canvas (white), then I added Landscape Green, for accent I added some Gold Acrylic Paint Dabber. I pulled out my Glimmer Mist, Frost and Pinecone, and I sprayed away!!

OH and see the piece of Duck Cloth.....I sprayed it with a little Pinecone and Frost Glimmer Mist, brushed on some Blank Canvas. I then created a "puddle" of Pinecone on my Craft Mat, dragging the edges of the Duck Cloth through the "puddle". I then sprayed chosen spots with water to cause the color to wick into the fabric.

Do you like the hint of blue in the white flowers....I painted them with Frost Glimmer Mist. I also did some Green Scrappin in this layout. Some Prima packaging spritzed with Pinecone. The brown flowers and florishes....well they came from the back packaging of the Basic Grey Cappella brads. They were the perfect accents for this layout!! I unfortunately am out of Prima bling so I added some string pearls for additional accents.

Did I say....I used my Distrezz It All??? Yes, I did....on the photo, paper and cardboard!!!

So there you have it messy scrappy layout....OH THE FUN IT WAS!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My First Tutorial.....

I'm so excited, I created and uploaded my first video to YouTube today!!! Can you hardly believe it? I purchased my camera with HD recording capability, my wonderful Mom just happened to have a tripod hanging around she didn't need, to I said...."What the heck!!" I was up early this morning and the house was quiet, so I decided to give it a try. I learned alot and will change more things as I go...but not tooo bad for my first time out of the shoot!!!

Here is what the GrungePaper Roses look like....

So hope you enjoy the tutorial.....

Monday, May 24, 2010

LCOM Sketches....

Love these gals at Let's Capture These Sketches and their sketches!!! (sure do miss them girls!!!) Ally had a fab sketch this I just needed to play along....I've been on this mixed media kick so there are all different textures in the background...fabric, cardboard, chipboard, patterned paper, cork paper...oh the fun!!

So, to add a twist, there was a challenge with the sketch....3 stamps or stickers....I stamped twice on the cork paper...once with white paint, the other with Perfect Pearls and "Delight" is a sticker of sorts. My added twist was the use of my Reinker Mixture, wicked up into the fabric. I did that by spritzing the mixture onto my craft mat and they running the edges of the material through it. I then spritz the fabric with water to help in the wicking process. I also dabbed the fabric into it and dabbed some on top of the white paint.

Reinker mixture you consists of a Mini Mister, one dropper full of Reinker Ink and Perfect Pearls of your choice and water....boy did I have fun with it!!!  In the background and on the ribbon, you will see Bundled Sage and Perfect Bronze Perfect Pearls Reinker Mixture, also on the birdcage. 

I also colored the Prima Cameo Roses. I did that by squirting a glob of Terra Cotta Dimensional Pearls onto my Craft Mat. I then dipped my paint brush into some water and mixed the Dimensional Pearls around then painted on the Roses.

See those YUMMY roselike flowers....well I will be doing a tutorial later in the week on how to make those LOVELIES!! They are fun and ohhh so easy!!! and I made them up!!

Oh how could I forget to mention my STUPENDOUS DISTREZZ IT ALL....see the edges of the photo...yes that would be the Distrezz it All!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What a picture.....

So my hubby and daughter went to Maryland, this past weekend, to be a part of my husband's daughters wedding. When they returned, the first think my husband did was show me the pictures that they had taken. I truly think my daughter needs to be a photographer...she has the eye....
here is her self portrait...

Here are some of the other photos she took and altered....don't mind me as I brag on her!!!

Not bad for a 16 year old......ya think?? But my favorite picture of all was taken by my husband...

I just knew I had to scrap this picture of the Forsythe Sisters.....PURE husband should and is proud!!! Here is my layout.....I wanted it to be just about the picture and other papers.......just PURE BEAUTY!!

I had saved leftover fabric from Lysie's dress alteration and used it to make the fabric flower. I colored the green and brown PRIMA flowers and the vintage ribbon, with a Peeled Paint and Frayed Burlap Reinker mixtures, boy I wish I could get my hand on more of that stuff, that is the vintage ribbon...
not even sure what it is...but tons of fun to work with!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Primaliscious Cards....

Wow, so my day began at 3:30 am with a task that I ASSUMED would be a simple one....but turned out to be far from it!!! My daughter and hubby are headed to Maryland for his middle daughters wedding....we did the usual...called AAA to get a Triptik and maps...ALL LOOKED GOOD. So, this AM I was going to print out directions from the hotel to the place the wedding is being held, simple enough.... To my surprise...there are TWO BOONSBOROs in MD....can you believe it....and guess what the Triptik was to the WRONG ONE....which was over 3 hours away from the right one. Boy am I glad I checke as they would have been TOTALLY lost and would have missed tonights rehearsal....SOOOOO needless to say...I SAVED THE DAY and the trip!! I keep calling to check and see how they are doing as my wonderful daughter is not the best navigator in the world!!!

So, as I was up SSSSSSSOOOOOO early I decided to create a few cards as my card stash is getting a bit low!! Here is the first one I created.....Prima Gunge-o-lisciousness!!! I had sooo much fun with this one and it's very simple!!

The bow is made out of a torn piece of muslin....papers and flowers are by none other that the amazing PRIMA!! Add a little Gesso, Distress inks and my toooo gooo tooo TOOL....the DISTREZZ  IT ALL! and I have to say....I love the effect I got after I inked the base Bazzill card then ran it through the Distrezz it All, how it exposed the lighter color!!

Card number two....I wanted to get a little cutsie with this one...step away from my dark grungy colors.

I never can quite get away from the grungy inky look though....but this was fun!! with all the pink and pearls going on!!

Lastly, here is card number three......I went a little MIST happy to say the least!! but something cool happened that I really liked...after I punched and sprayed the PRIMA paper with Marshmallow Glimmer Mist, I dried it with my heat tool....and it curled on the edges...which I decided I really liked!!!

The center, part of an Innoscence Flower has been colored with Dried Marigold Reinker Mixture...I sprayed it with Marshmallow Glimmer Mist then dipped the petals into pool of Reinker Mixture I had on my Craft Mat. Wetting the flower helped the Reinker Mixture to wick up into the petals nicely!!

Well I'm off to make a phone call to see how the "Travelers" progress is going!! Have a great weekend!!

PS....the Reinker Mixture is made by adding one dropper full of Distress Reinker Ink into a Mini Mister, adding the Perfect Pearls of your choice and then filling most of the remainder of the Mini Mister with water. You don't want to fill it to the top because when you put the sprayer WILL overflow!! Shake it up and away you go.....I love making these as they match the inks I use on my creations....a nice touch!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Flowers and boys....

I really wanted to push myself this week and to do a combo that can be difficult at times.....boys and flowers...when I am working on layouts of my daughter or niece....they just flow with flowers. I created a layout of my son in his much younger years and it worked like a dream, but when I start scrappin' his older photos it becomes increasingly difficult because flowers add an air of femininity which he is not.

So, to start my challenge off, I chose April's BAP, (build a page) from Prima. I had these wonderful summer picts of Douglas and the perfect papers from my TimelessDaydreams kit. Add the Distrezz It All, some Glimmer Mist and the Amazing Prima flowers and there you have it......MY BOY!!

So how do you think I did?? Did I pull it off?? I think so....and Doug agreeed!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Second of Three......

OK.....I had given you a sneak a while you I can share the "whole kit and kaboodle"!!! 

This is another of my Zutter Zister DT projects.....

Firstly, I need to say this project is full on 

#1.....the Distrezz-It-All

So having said all it is!!

And let me tell you......the Distrezz-It-All is just the most amazing tool....the time saved, the "chowdering" it does to the edges....and I'm not saying that just because I design for truly is AMAZING!!! my GO TO TOOL for sure!

Now, the Innoscence Collection by PRIMA, I just LOVE cause.....if it's white.....I can alter it to what ever COLOR I need it to be...and I just love how the Glimmer Mist wicks into the petals!!

So, put on your Creative Thinkin' Caps......and have a Fantabulous Day!!!!

PS...these items are all available at Generations of Memories!!! gotta love that place!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One of Three....

Mother's Day is right around the corner....ssssoooo for my Zutter Zisters DT projects I focused on just that!  MOM!

For my first project, I created a 3-D Acrylic card. My mother and I both share a love for that became my focus. I used flowers from three different manufacturers, PRIMA, Kaiser and Blue Hills Studios. I even punched some of my own out of vellum from the Life's Portrait collection.

The base of the card is the 5.5x7 Clear Acrylic Covers, by Zutter, bound together with 3/4" Baby Blue Owire.

To add to the feel of shabby elegance....I added pearls, vintage lace and some ribbon colored with Glimmer Mist and some not so old Prima Lace.

The papers are from Webster's Pages...the Life's Portrait collection. This is such YUMMY paper. I fell in love with it!!! Had to have at least 2 pieces of each!! They are available at my LSS Generations of Memories.

Now, I wish I could remember where I came across this crocheting technique, so I could give honor where honor is due...but sadly I have no idea. I punched the edge of a piece of Bazzill with my Bind it All and crocheted away.....How awesome is that! I will add a special message to mom in the open space.

I created another flower cluster to finish off the card....Hopin' mom loves her card!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I am making this post with great sadness....I chose not to reapply for a DT positions with 
Let's Capture These was a hard decision but the one chosen!

So with a tear in my it is!!

The theme was "CELEBRATE". I thought these picts of my daughter and her friend kinda said it all!!!

OF course I have some Prima. I colored the lace and the ribbon, a goodie I found in an antiques store....boy do I wish I could get my hands on more!  The heart is a diecut by Kustom Die Cuts (it was pink but I kinda changed the color with my Distress inks).

So, I say farewell to my fellow has been a wonderful 6 months....I have learned alot from your different styles, especially Susan who taught me not to fear white space!! 

Hey, if you get the chance....I know, I know.... there is TONS going on this weekend with National Scrapbook Day and all...but hop on over to Timeless Daydreams Blog..they have some cool giveaways !! Prima Flowers no less!! and tons of fun things going on in the
Timeless Daydreams forum!

Enjoy your weekend...I won't be participating in anything scrappy as we are celebrating my FAVORITE nieces 6th b-day....but then again her gift consists of STAMPS, STICKLES, AND maybe...just maybe I will be creating after all!!!

PS...this layout was created with a kit from Timeless Daydreams....Tavern on the Green