Friday, April 3, 2009

My Bad.... it took me a little longer than expected to post my pictures from my scrapbook has a way of getting real crazy!!!
I had sooooooooo much fun creating this layout. As you may know using corrugated cardboard is very in!!! Just tear off one side to expose the ripples. Then tear, ink and paint on it. FYI don't bother trying to stamp on it...doesn't work. Now if I had a flat piece of paper...stamped on it then ran it through a crimper it would work just fine!!
Distress, stamp, emboss, staple..and anything else you can think of....Love this page....Love the Boy!!! I will show more pages later!

Just returned from an amazing weekend at the Collins show....gotta love trade shows!!! Took some very amazing classes, saw old friends...met new...a great time had by all!! Ten Second Studios....Hero those girls!!!....Ranger....Learned tons of stuff including an amazing technique by ShariCarrol!!! A thing to behold, I must say.
Well gotta go for to work I go....have a great day.....Create...Create...Create!!!

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Just-Kim said...

LOVE the layout!! I haven't played much with corrugated cardboard. I guess I'll have to work on that!

It was great to see you! Have a wonderful day! I hope it's a creative one!