Monday, November 2, 2015

I can be CHANGED.....

I like to be CHALLENGED...
I like to step outside of my creative box....
on this project I did JUST THAT!

I received my inspiration after discovering
the online flower delivery company BloomNation.
While popping around their website I came across their
Pinterest page and ALL THE beautiful boards.
Y'all know my LOVE FOR FLOWERS!

I perused their board ~ Home Inspiration
and created my own Inspiration Board.
I wanted this to be a BIG canvas,
but honestly it SCARED ME!
So, I went to my art journal to try my ideas out.
You can check out my blog post here.

I had to rethink my flowers as they are from
The Crafter's Workshop ~ Daily Buzz stencil
and wouldn't be large enough for my 16 x 20 canvas.

I knew exactly what I wanted to use!
I had recently purchased
Fabric Quarters and Gauze Fabric which were just PERFECT
for the idea I had rattling around in my head!

I created my own pattern and cut the flowers
and colored the fabric flowers with

The paint stiffened the fabric but not enough to my liking,
so I painted on a layer of Ranger ~ Multi Medium
to the back side of the flowers.
I dried, crumpled and created a pom pom centers
from various Canvas Corp Brands ~ Jute for my flowers.

I then cut various leaf shapes from the Fabric Elements ~ Gauze
and colored the fabric with
I attached the colored leaves to Paper Covered Wire with
Stem Wrap Tape purchased from Joann Fabric.

The background on my canvas was created by applying a layer of
vintage McCall magazine pages with Multi Medium.
I then applied a layer of Gesso,
followed by randomly placed bricks created with
The Crafter's Workshop ~ Brick stencil

I finished off my canvas with a quote that speaks
deeply to my heart!

I hope you have enjoyed my creative journey
Thank you the flower delivery company
 BloomNation for the opportunity to be
inspired by your Pinterest board
and for pushing my creative boundaries!

Playing along with The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge and ARTastic Challenge

Shimmering Matte Acrylic Paint

Believe Script

Fabric Quarters

Burlap Blossoms x 4 ~ Green
Burlap Blossoms x 4 ~ Ivory
Burlap Blossoms x 11 ~ Ivory
Mini Pearl Daisies ~ Pistachio

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Take time.....


What an AMAZING stamp created by Yvonne Blair Designs!!!
I DID start this project with a class in mind....
when it wasn't turning out how I had envisioned it
....I let the creative process have it's way.

I had begun with applying Multi Medium to a canvas
then I spritzed a page from a
1973-1974 McCall's Needlework and Crafts Magazine
and squinched it into the Multi Medium.
I dried it with my heat tool then applied a layer of
Perfect Paints ~ Pearl Plaster ~ Bavarian Cream.
It wasn't the look I was looking for so I began to randomly
tear off the magazine page....
This is when I fell in LOVE
with what happened!
(sorry I wish I had a picture for you)

I then pulled out Perfect Paints ~ White Stucco
and randomly applied it to the canvas with a palette knife.
and applied it all over the canvas.
I waited a minute then wiped off the excess with a baby wipe.
I LOVED how this worked as it "stuck" to the
White Stucco but not to the Pearl Plaster.

I had created a Perfect Paints Shimmering Matte Acrylic Spray
by mixing equal parts of Bright Gold and Aged Copper
with an equal part of water.
I spritzed it on my canvas and let it drip.....
I wasn't quite happy so I stenciled a bit of
Perfect Paints ~ Shimmering Matte Acrylic ~ Shadow
through The Crafter's Workshop stencil ~ Thoughts!

I used a lot of "misfits" to finish off my canvas.
A previously stenciled and spritzed
A leftover torn piece of CCB C Flute ~ Kraft
that I used to sop up leftover paint.
I scrap piece of vintage lace.

All tied up with a piece of Jute and
finished off with Yvonne Blair Designs stamp.

Now to get back to creating the background for my
upcoming class......

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Together we can.....

What a WONDERFUL summer it has been....
I was SOOO BLESSED to have the opportunity to
to spend the week on the Maine Coastline...
I wanted to remember the AMAZING time so I created
this wall hanging.

I had picked up a "wooden palette fence" piece
at a local big box store.

This is what the "wooden palette fence" looked like
(minus the paint)
before I began my creative process.

I went to my Perfect Paints stash and pulled out

I scooped out some Perfect Paints ~ White Stucco
and GENTLY folded in a bit of
The key to making this work is
NOT MIXING the products together completely.

I applied the mixture with a palette knife to achieve this
"weathered fence" look!

I stapled a bit of Chicken Wire to my "fence"
and created a flower spray
using various Petaloo blooms
Botanica Bloom
Mini Pearl Daisies
and Petites
along with a bit of ephemera.

I love the quote I chose to finish off my piece....

"Together we can face any challenges...

as deep as the ocean
and as high as the sky."

I hope you have enjoyed my creative process....
wishing you a

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Getting my GROOVE ON!!

I was SOOO EXCITED when I opened my "HAPPY MAIL"
containing my new GROOVE tool along with a few other goodies!
I couldn't wait to play....
I LOVE trying new products to see how they works!
So, I chose not to watch any video....
just open the box and begin PLAYING!!
See.....I used the "ink sponge" to apply my paint
but I TOTALLY loved how it worked!!

Now, that I had tried it....
now it was time to bring my creating on!!!
I sanded the papers...using the course sand tip
applied paint through a stencil....using the ink tip
(yup I did it again)
I even used the ink apply INK!
I must say....some times when applying ink...
I didn't turn the tool on...
especially when I was inking the fabric flower.
I truly enjoyed my creative process
and my new GROOVE tool...
Now, the one thing you have to remember is....
this is a battery operated tool.
If you apply too much pressure, while using
the tool, it will bog the it down!
It really doesn't require much pressure
to get the GROOVE tool to spin it's magic!!

I hope you have enjoyed my creative process....
'cause I KNOW I did!!

Products Used:

Groove Tool
ephemera collage kit

Perfect Paints

Ranger InkWendy Vecchi's Archival Ink
Tree Branch
Potting Soil
Distress Stain ~ Peeled Paint

Creative EmbellishmentsBirds
Flourish 32

The Crafter's WorkshopHexagon (small)

Bo BunnyGratitude

Friday, July 10, 2015

MORE art journaling LOVE!

I've been having sooo much fun watching 
and being inspired.

Now, I like to use Donna's video as a 
jumping off spot...
My inspiration for this journal creation 
As I didn't have alot of items Donna used SO
 I decided to create a list...
Black Circles
Cherry Blossoms
Lots of White
a stencil with Mist

I began by using pages from an old ledger
to cover my Journal.
I then painted on a thin layer of Gesso.
When dry....
I applied a layer of Perfect Paints ~ Perfect Glaze Medium.

I didn't have any "wrapping" papers so I chose to use
some Vintage Lace Curtains instead,
applied with Multi Medium ~ Matte.

I then mixed a bit of Perfect Paints ~ White Stucco with
some Tattered Angels Crushed Shells,
when all mixed,
I folded in a bit more White Stucco,
and applied, with a palette knife,
over the vintage lace curtains.
Then I applied another layer of Gesso with a palette knife
randomly on my journal.

I couldn't wait to apply my black circles....I used a jelly jar.
I applied them randomly on my spread.

Now was the time to add the PINK....
PINK??? not usually my "go to" color.

I used an eye dropper full of Cup Cake Glimmer Glam
and splattered away. FUN!!

Next, I used another item on my list
a stencil by The Crafter's Workshop ~ Quartrefoil Reversed
and some mist ~ Coffee Shop by Tattered Angels.
AHHHH....not sure why this step scared me sooo much!

It felt like something was missing.....MORE PINK!
So I became the mad scientist.....
to match the Glimmer Glam.
Added a bit of Perfect Gel Medium
and did the "brush on, wipe off" technique...

I still needed more and applied the above mixture through
TCW Cherry Blossom stencil...
NOW...I was getting some where...
I bit of edging with Potting Soil ~ Archival Ink
some dripping Crushed Stones....

I need to add my numbers....
so I created my own inclusion from
a Canvas Corp Brands ~ Mini Kraft Bags
and a Scalloped Ivory Tag...
a bit of gloop and glop...
some spray
a bit of stamping
and some more of that vintage curtain...

then it was time for my quoto.
I stamped on a gessoed piece of torn and tattered
dictionary paper...
added more curtain pieces parts....
and there you have it!!

Hope you enjoyed my creative journey....
cause I know I did!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015


I've had ALOT of nervous energy lately
and needed an outlet....

The only thing I knew when I started this spread was
( work in action photos!)

I cut a heart from a piece of cream patterned paper
pulled out a sheet of vintage music and
a dictionary page.

I cut a additional heart from separate piece of paper to protect my heart!
I laid two stencils on top of each other and taped them together
it was a "what if" moments and it turned out kinda cool!!

I applied a mixture of Apricot Lily and
Dove's Wings ~ Polishing Plaster
through the stencils!
Then I sprayed the background with
Glimmer Mist.

The next part was my FAVORITE....
I wanted a cracked heart....but all my
"crack" mediums were dried up....ooops!
So I pulled out a piece of TissueStock
covered the "heart" with Multi Medium
and squinched the TissueStock onto the heart.

When dry....I tore away the excess TissueStock.
I then mixed a bit of Peony Pink paint with
Perfect Glaze Medium
smeared it all over the heart....
let it dry for a bit then rubbed off the excess
with a baby wipe.
I smeared on some Tarnished Silver around the edges
with my finger.

I knew the heart needed a bit more....
so I pulled out my Believe Script stencil
and applied Shadow paint.....PERFECT!!

It was still looking a bit flat so I used
a Big Brush pen to go around the edges
and then with a fan brush I applied
a bit of gold Glitter Paste.

I then went in search of a quote that spoke
of how I was feeling....
I just want you
That's All
All your flaws,
mistakes, smiles,
jokes, sarcasam

I wrote my quote on a piece of Kraft Cardstock
cut it up,
inked the edges and adhered to my heart.

I used a Petaloo Flower colored with the Crushed Shells
and accented with a vinatge button's just who I am!

Hope you've enjoyed my escape....

Product Used:
Shimmering Matte Acrylic
Peony Pink
Tarnished Silver

Polishing Plaster
Dove's Wing
Apricot Lily

Perfect Glaze Medium

Deco Art MediaGesso

Canvas Corp BrandsTattered Angels ~ Crushed Shells

The Crafter's WorkshopBelieve Script
Pointy Circles

Petaloo FlowersDaisy Layers

Faber CastellBig Brush Pen ~ Magenta

RangerArchival Ink ~ Coffee

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Colors of Love

I have been in a bit of a creative funk lately....
so I started doing something I rarely do
I began watching Inspiration Wednesdays by Donna Downey.
I also watched a few videos by Marta Lapkowska.
My desire to create an art journal began to gnaw at me....
 then.....I FINALLY found a journal that I fell in LOVE with!!
The pages felt soooo YUMMIE!

As I dug through my box of The Crafter's Workshop stencils
I found just the PERFECT stencil that spoke to my heart....
TCW416 ~ Grunge Hearts

Now....I wanted to step out of my "color" box and work with
various I pulled out my container of Faber Castell
full of Gelatos and Big Brush Pens
and chose....
Red Cherry
Squid Ink
I pulled out a paint brush
a water sprayer and I let the random stenciling begin!

Now, we need to back track a bit as
I forgot to tell you how I prepared the background.
(sadly there are no pictures)
I pulled out a package of 7gypsies Paper Tape (for the middle seam)
some vintage dictionary paper, adhered with Multi Medium
and covered lightly with Gesso.

I pulled out another The Crafter's Workshop stencil
TCW242 Damask
and applied Perfect Paints ~ Polishing Plaster ~ Apricot Lily
randomly over the spread. When dry I added
Tattered Angels ~ Glimmer Mist ~ Coffee Shop.
Thank you Marta for this inspiration!

Then I pulled out one of my fave stencils
TCW541 Believe Script
I applied Perfect Paints Shimmering Matte Acrylic ~ Shadow
with a makeup sponge randomly on my pages.

Lastly, I pulled out my
TCW455 Love Post
applied some Perfect Paints ~ Shimmering Stucco
and colored the hearts with various Gelatos
and shadowed using a Big Brush Pen. this point I started adding the Gelato colors
spritzed with water.
Can I say....this journal is the bomb! It took all
the liquid I could put on it....and stayed BEAUTIFUL!

I really need to work on my "handwriting" but for works!

I hope you enjoyed my creative journey....
I really think I've tapped into something here!!
Can't WAIT to try my next spread!