Thursday, June 23, 2016


Hey y'all....
guess it's been a little while since I
created for myself....
I seem to be in some type of a creative funk lately...
so I decided to challenge myself!
So I headed to Walmart and the clearance section
and this is what I found.....

.....I put them in my basket, cashed out and headed home.
The first thing I saw when I returned home was
an 11" x 14" art board, so I grabbed it
along with some goodies to work with.

Tattered Angels
High Impact ~ Olive

Multi Medium Matte

And I let the LAYERING BEGIN!!

I cut up my purchased trims
into various shapes and sizes
added a piece of sheet music
and some mesh drywall tape,
laid it all out and then
adhered EVERYTHING with
Multi Medium.

I applied a layer of Organic Sugar using
my handy dandy Catalyst Wedge -02

When dry, I painted on a layer a mixture of
Bavarian Cream and Glaze Medium.

Now for the scary part....
I mixed a 50/50 amount of
Glaze Medium and Espresso
and applied it randomly on my canvas...
waited then wiped it off with baby wipes.
Phew....I liked the look!

I applied a bit of Gesso over the finished canvas.
Now to build....
to follow along with the "mesh" look
I cut a piece of wire mesh and
stapled it to the art board.

Here is the finished canvas.....

I pulled out a Canvas Corp ~ Burlap heart
 I had previously cut from my 'Tovers pile
and built on it
with a Canvas Corp ~ Canvas heart
another heart cut from one of the trims
a larger vintage sheet music heart
finished off with a Canvas Corp ~ Flute heart.

But it just didn't seem complete so I pulled out
a few UmWowStudio Chippies
Leafy Mash
and applied a layer of diluted 
Organic Sugar for texture.
When dry I painted on some
 Tattered Angels ~ Olive.

Here are a few more close-ups of my creation...

I finished off my lovely with a
Petaloo Mini Garden Rosette
and a bit of vintage trim.

I hope you enjoyed my clearance Challenge
as much as I did!!!
Now to find a place on my wall to hang this!

Friday, May 20, 2016

It is WHAT it is...

Where do you get you inspiration??
While on a walk with my grandson I
came across this garbage can cover....
and I just had to snap a picture!

When the opportunity arose
I pulled out a bunch of Perfect Paints
and got lost in the creative process.

a bit of Shimmering Matte Acrylic Paint
some Polishing Plaster
Glaze Medium
and some "homemade" spray.

I began with a gesso'ed burlap canvas
added a layer of black gesso
and then a thin layer of
a 50/50 mixture of Glaze and Aged Copper,
which i wiped most of it off!
Then let the layering begin.

I dabbed on paint with various sponges
I mixed colors together
I combined paint and polishing plaster
all to achieve various looks and textures!


Once my background was complete
the question arose....
WHAT OH WHAT to do now!
I must have stared at the canvas for a day.....

I pulled out various Petaloo blooms
the tag I had been using my 'TOVERs on
zipper parts
wire mesh
a bit of halloween netting.....

Here are a few close ups....

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I'm on a roll....
two blog posts in a ROW!!'s another CHALLENGE!

a word
something wild

and here is my creation!

I think this project fits the parameter....DO YOU????
The base is a 6 x 6 wood palette.
I lathered on Perfect Paints texture mediums through
various stencils for background interest.

It just so happened, I had picked up a piece of birch bark
while on my walk today!
So, I decided to incorporate it into my creation
along with a bit of chicken wire.
(doesn't everyone have a roll of aged chicken wire in their studio??)

Next, I pulled out my handy dandy staple gun
and secured the pieces/parts to the wood palette. 

I then, pulled out a package of Cherry Blossoms
........but something seemed to be missing!!!!
SOOOO.....I gathered up the pieces/parts
put on my jacket and headed outdoors in
search of a branch!

To finish off my wooden canvas and the challenge,
I needed......a word!
I chose......LAUGH
I spritzed the word and rubbed on a little paint for color. was PERFECT!
(and a bit wild)

I hope you have enjoyed my creation.
Make sure to pop on over to
Creative Carte Blanche

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Butterflies and BLOOMS

Hello my friends....
I want to say a BIG THANK YOU
to my girl Rachel Kleinman
for her post on Facebook about this months
over at The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!

It just so happened I had a project in the works
that I could use to fit this challenge!!

I had been trying out some new Perfect Paint products
and using a new technique, I had just learned, of rubbing on
Polishing Plaster with my finger.
I was able to create this rather cool background
using this technique.

I don't know if you've noticed??
...but, I've had this thing for hearts.....lately,
ok, so yes, I will admit, A LOT!
So, why should this creation be any different??
and one from a bit of vintage curtain
that was just laying around.

I had a few 'TOVERS I chose to use,
the Bloom part of the challenge, a Petaloo Sunflower
and some ivy leaves.

I added a few Petaloo ~ Mini Pearl Daisies colored with
I also added a little of the same color,
to the previously colored Sunflower.

Last but not least......a Butterfly
another part of the challenge!

I hope you have enjoyed my creation for
and I challenge YOU to play along!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Paper Hearts and a Challenge

Soooo.....I was talking with Cheryl Mezzetti upon her 
return from the Scrapbook Expo in Grapvine, TX.
She was ECSTATIC about the response of
(I'm not surprised!!!)
She spent the weekend sharing the AMAZINGNESS
of her products and my post today
is about a "challenge" she gave me.

together to create another color

I had already begun a canvas and had been unsure
at that point, where I was going with it....
I now knew...
I had a "challenge"!!!

I apologize, there are very few step out photos,
this was truly a creative endeavor,
one to get lost in....and I did!

I began with a 14" x 18" canvas,
and cut (3) hearts from various vintage papers
and adhered them to the canvas.
I pulled out several The Crafter's Workshop stencils
and applied various Perfect Paints mediums through them....
Organic Matter Mask ~ Perfect Clear Texture Gel
Netting ~ White Stucco
Raven Mosaic ~ Cayenne ~ Polishing Plaster
when dry I painted on a layer of
Perfect Glaze Medium
over the entire canvas. response to challenge #1

I stepped right out of my color box on this one...
Shimmering Matte Acrylics
Ballet Slipper and
my new LOVE ~ Vintage Mercury
which I folded into
Organic Sugar ~ Polishing Plaster

I masked off my hearts
with the original heart patterns
and lathered on the concoction!

Now came my answer to challenge #2

together to create another color.

My color choices

I added a bit of 
Perfect Glaze Medium to help with opacity as
I wanted to see the music in my large
"Paper Heart".

Each heart was "colored" differently.
Did I say.....
I LOVE Vintage Mercury??

Each time, using the leftover "color" on the
background of my canvas.

Suddenly, I was stuck....
I had no idea how to finish the canvas!
Until I received a box from
Canvas Corp Brands with
their new Mixed Media Origins Collection
ahhhh.....there it was
a pair of wings on the Grace paper.
I spritzed the paper with various amounts of water
and painted my "color" onto the wings.
I then cut the wings out....oh the LOVE!

I wanted to share with you
 a few more close ups of my canvas....

There are sooo many layers to this project
I can't even begin to tell you about them....
adhering string
painting tatting
coiled wire
big brush pens
vintage sign letters
and do overs!

.....all to achieve the finished project....

I hope you enjoyed my creative journey.....

I hope you have a creative day.....

Monday, April 11, 2016

Welcome Home

I don't know about you.....
when I get the opportunity to shop at
Here in Northern New Hampshire...
we have no crafty stores!

So, when on a recent little escape to South Carolina,
my love was a dear to take me to one of their stores!

Now, I knew I had a box of samples coming from Momemta....
sooo WHAT TO BUY???

I was looking through the "wood" products
and found the perfect plaque
which I thought would make a GREAT welcome sign...
now to find the perfect "welcome"!
I searched high and low and FOUND IT!

I purchased other embellies for my sign
The Paper Source Mixed Media Flowers and Burlap
and a "natural" Picket Fence
Once home....I couldn't wait to see what was in my
"Creative Box" from Momenta!
Various Adhesive Stencils and
Semi Gloss Paint.

I began by painting the Wooden Plaque 
I was impressed, the "opaque" paint coated in one layer!
I accented the edges with
Momenta's Semi~Gloss White Paint.

I then chose one of Momenta's Adhesive Stencils for the background.
I marked the stencil to match the arch.

Once trimmed to fit, a pressed the stencil onto the background.
I put a bit of White Paint on a sponge
and dabbed over the stencil.

I pulled of the stencil and let the paint dry.
I then lined the stencil up and
dabbed on more paint,
until I had the design I desired.

I then pulled out the "Natural" fencing I had purchased
and dabbed on white paint.
Because of the thickness of the paint,
it created GREAT texture!!

I then pulled out the Mixed Media flowers I had purchased
and with a bit of water,
"colored" these little beauties. 

When dry, I pulled a few "threads" from the 
Mixed Media Burlap and adhered the flowers.

Now for the "WELCOME"
I painted on a layer Gold paint.

I used the Mixed Media Burlap to create a "garden" look.

.....and ended up with a very "SPRING" inspired Welcome Sign!

Here are a few close~ups of my sign.

I hope you enjoyed my visit to Hobby Lobby,
as much as I did!!

Thanks BUNCHES for stopping by!
Hope you have a CREATIVE DAY!