Monday, October 5, 2009

The Belated Birthday Girl

So here she all her glory surrounded by her friends...Celebrating her 16th b-day...boy how time flies....just doesn't seem like that long ago she was turning 6 little lone 16!!

Now comes the letting go process...."Train a child in the way she should go...and when she is old she will not turn from it!" I think this is one the hardest parts of having a child is trusting them to make the right decisions based on what they have been taught! I love you my girl!!

Now onto to other thing before I just get way toooo sappy!! I realized I had never posted a picture of my finished Advent Calendar!

I do think it is missing something... Maybe it's that there is no star... think I will need to add that!! The "bulbs" are removable and are attached with Velcro... hope my niece like it!!

I used my Bind-it-all to hold all the pieces together so they are movable therefore, making it easier to store till next Christmas!! I was thinking about teaching this as a class...I def would need to simplify though...took me two days to make!

And it is far cuter in real life...It's hard to see the blingage on the "bulbs" from this picture!

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Deborah "DeBB!e" Ann Emmons said...

Better late then ever...Happy Belated 16th Lissie. Love the calendar. :-)