Monday, July 5, 2010

the RED...WHITE...and BLUE!!

Yesterday, in the States, was a day of parades, BBQ's and fireworks....and I admit, I participated in all of them...MUCH TO MY DELIGHT...

I think the most awe inspiring thing I saw all day....was  OUR Veterans in the parade. I stood, clapped and cheered for them, as they walked by and for ALL WHOM THEY REPRESENT!! today I say, THANK YOU, to our founding Fathers who risked soo much and to ALL of those today who put themselves in harms way to protect us and our freedom!!! my hat goes off, and my heart goes out to the families, who are missing loved ones that are serving or have given their I could celebrate yesterday!!!!


I created this card using the Reminisce Collection... Stars and Stripes!!


Diane said...

Well said...and a gorgeous ~ gorgeous project!!!

Sharlotte Hughes said...

That card is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!