Wednesday, July 27, 2011

some of my faves.......

I've been just slap crazy busy and haven't had the time to post about CHA!! I didn't bring my camera so I've "borrowed" photos taken by other people!! Thank you ladies!

Here are some of my favorite pictures........(sorry for the quality.....they were borrowed off of FB)

I had the opportunity to meet my Creative Hero....Linda Cain!!
Not only did I get to meet her....I got to take 2 classes with her....boy did we have fun!!
She is a true inspiration to me!! and I LOVE HER GUTS!!
she introduced me to the Vintaj girls......
ohhhhh my newest obsession!!
Wendy, Nancy and Jess!!!
Hope to get to hang with these girls more!!

Then I got to hook up with some of the Reminisce Girls.......LOVE 'EM!!

Kim Holmes, Cindy Noesen and Shelley Maxwell
We hung out one night and laughed our patooooties off!!

Then there is this one.....of me and my ROOOOMIE....

Kim Holmes
there are no words as to what she means to me!!
It was SOOOOOO awesome to meet the owners of Dixie Pieces
Brenna and Sherry
what a pleasure it was to meet them!!

Sadly, I didn't get a picture with my Jamie Dougherty.......another CREATIVE WONDER!!
LAST but not LEAST....
Debbie Emmons.....
who without her.....none of this would have happened!!


Linda Cain said...

Fun time!!!! Love the one of you and Debbie. She is a treasure.

Be Well, my friend!


Deborah "DeBB!e" Ann Emmons said...

It sure is the little things that mean so much. Thanks Linda Cain for the wonderful compliment. Lynne thanks for making me cry. LOVE you to pieces.