Monday, April 16, 2012

Anything Goes!!!

Put your thinkin' caps on cause this week at

I was having a hankering to work with texture (now that's a surprise!!!)

I pulled out a piece of Zutter Canvas Art Board and various stuff: dictionary paper, tissue paper, Canvas Corp canvas and burlap and cardboard. I adhered everything with Multi Medium.

When dry I applied a layer of Gesso.

Then I let the spritzing begin!!! I tried a product I had never worked with before...and it was kinda fun.....Buccaneer Bay and Long John Silver.

I used another product I had never worked with before....Big Brush ~ Warm Grey. I colored my line stamp with it and stamped randomly on the cover.

I painted the beautiful Petaloo flower with watered down gesso.

Do you see the amazing Canvas Corp goodness....jute, canvas tag, kraft paper.
Just loving the trinket dangle....just the perfect touch to my journal.

I put the whole goodie together with
the Bind it All!! I said.....

Wouldn't you just love to win this little loverly??


Candy C said...

Lynne, your book cover is awesome! I love the textures you've incorporated on this piece! I have never heard of the spray colors you've used. I'll have to check those out! It's a great looking the flower and the hanging trinket, too! <3 Candy

Maureen Chandler said...

WOW! This cover is fantastic! I love all the texture and colors and it just came out perfectly wonderful! I would LOVE to win it!!!

Marjie Kemper said...

Super gorgeous, Lynne! Feels like the beach and the garden all at once. Lovely!

Lori said...

Oooo, love the color scheme, that flower is gorgeous! Well done Lynne.. you...texture? LOL.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Love all the natural ingredients on your cover Lynne, the jute, canvas work beautifully and the TEXTURE is a wow factor and I love the look of those mists, not seen them before until I clicked your link. The hanging trinket is a lovely touch as is the flower. Very natural feeling to this. Tracy x

email: said...

Beautiful journal, Lynne! I just love the touches of burlap and the soft embellies you layered in there! Gorgeous!!

Simon Says Stamp!

Dangina Martinez said...

I Love the soft warm colors and the flower and the tag and the dangly thingy. I just love everything about it,lol.
Tons of Hugs, Dangina

Heidi said...

Simply amazing! I love the canvas. It adds so much depth to the cover!

Gillian .... said...

Oh my gosh, the different textures on this book looks amazing, love everything about it Lynne. x

Est xxx said...

Love love love it, I'm going to dust off my bind it all :-) thanks for the inspiration xx

Linda Cain said...

You are definitely "in your elelment!" LOVE it to pieces!


Caroline D. said...

Hi - this is gorgeous!! I found your blog via Canvas Corp blog today and I am so glad I did!! I've spent a good amount of time browsing and watching your tutorials and your talent is amazing! All of your projects are just beautiful!!

zandra said...

Love this! I have so many sprays you have inspired me to start using them. Love your style.
Hugz, Z

Anonymous said...

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