Sunday, August 26, 2012 sanity!!

I have to say CREATING is MY SANITY!!! Having just come off of a very hard week, I took a moment to be creative and ground myself!!

Beings as I love working with new products.....I have to say I have been having almost toooo much fun working with a bunch of Faber Castell goodies that I have on hand!!!

I began with a "Postcard" from Canvas Corp. Of course I can never quite us things as they are intended!! This is a very cool product.....canvas on one side....burlap on the other!!! I proceeded to cut the seam open on one end.

I used a Warm Grey PITT artist pen big brush and ran it over top of a couple of stamps and stamped on the postcard to create "white noise" in the background. I hit it with my Heat Tool to set it.....then it became waterproof!!

Now this is where the fun/experimenting Gelatos are affected by water, I experiment in every conceivable way...
Gelato smeared on craft mat....water added.
Water sprayed on craft mat...Gelato swirled in water.
Gelato colored directly through a stencil.
Wet Gelato applied through stencil.
Postcard dipped in puddles of Gelato color.
Gelato colored on postcard and spritz.
I even took chunks of Gelato and smeared it on the postcard (I wasn't kidding!!!)
Each way had it own AWESOME EFFECT.

When finished I applied Gesso through a stencil, over top of my "coloring" which was a REALLY fun effect as some of the color bled through!!

I played the same way on the Color Me Crazy flowers from Petaloo!!! and topped off the finished flower with Gesso.

I used a "Gift Card" from Canvas Corp to create a corresponding creation to be tucked inside of the "Postcard".

To finish off the "Postcard" I used a piece of Jute Rope, which I stapled in the corners. Added some vintage buttons and a bit of fluffy tulle ribbon to the bottom.

Soooo.....there you have CREATIONS!!

Now, I know just the perfect person to send this to and I know she will just LOVE IT!!!

Products used:
Faber Castell
Gelatos ~ various colors
Pitt Artist pen big brush ~ Warm Grey

Canvas Corp
Gift Card/Envelop
Jute Rope

Petaloo ~ Color Me Crazy Flowers


butterfly said...

So exciting seeing all those Gelato techniques... and what a glorious piece you've created - absolutely love all the colours and textures. That's a big WOW!
Alison x

Theresa said...

Ditto. I too call creating my sanity. Without it, dealing with chronic illness would be impossible. thanks as always for sharing.

Linda Cain said...

Oooohhhh, I just LOVE this! It's so fun to see the colors. I know how your fingers looked when you were done. Perfect, right???

Have a great week, girlfriend!