Friday, November 23, 2012

Shimmery, Grungy....

The WONDERFUL family day of Thanksgiving has passed. With the AWESOME smells....GREAT food....and a time to reflect on how BLESSED  we truly are!!!

Now....we have moved onto Black Friday.....
CRAZY crowds...pushing people looking for FABBY deals and a WANT lists.

I want to take one more day to reflect on HOW AMAZING my life is. How BLESSED I am to have  two FANTABULOUS children who have been through "more than the average bear" and are still thoughtful, kind and THANKFUL!!

A sister who is my HERO!! She has a HUGE giving heart and best of all....she CRACKS ME UP!!

My niece who is just my PRIDE and JOY....and my nephew who is quiet but I LOVE HIM TO PIECES!!

My mom.....who started this WHOLE family thing!!! 

Now....that it's fair game to play Christmas Caroles and bring out the Christmas Decorations
to don the house and yard!!

I pulled out LOTS OF Canvas Corp goodies and made a Christmas Card!!!

I began with a piece of Canvas Corp ~ Gold and Kraft ~ Stripe Paper.
I spritzed, front and back, a piece of the paper
with Luminarte ~ Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist ~ Persimmon
mixed with Golden Bamboo Primary Elements.
Using the Tattered Poinsettia Die....
I cut 3 flowers,
crumpled them and finished it off with a vintage button.

I cut the base card from the Gold and Kraft Stripe Paper
ran the edges through the Distrezz it All
and then dipped the edges into puddles of my custom mist.
I tore a piece of Canvas Corp Kraft ~ E Flute,
crumpled it in my hand,
then dipped the edges in
puddles of my custom mist.
How 'bout the flourish....
cut from Canvas Corp ~ Handmade Paper
and doned with
Luminarte ~ Silk Acrylic Glaze ~ Emperor's Gold.

I then dipped the Kaiser ~ Magic ~ Just Believe paper in the left over puddles.
And there you have it......a shimmmery....grungy
Christmas Card!!!

Be thankful for what you have; 
you'll end up having more. 
If you concentrate on what you don't have, 
you will never, ever have enough.
-- Oprah Winfrey


inkypinkycraft said...

This is gorgeous! I LOVE the textures they leap out at you...fab trace. X

Cuchy said...

Love all those grunge layers. Beautiful

Dee in N.H. said...

Gorgeous!!!! Awesome textures! and great family tribute too!

butterfly said...

Stunning shabby chic grunge - wow!
Alison x

Wanda H said...


Maureen Hayes said...

I miss having the video portion of how you create because I enjoy following along! This is stunning! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ava Gavloski said...

lynne, great shimmery grungy!!! love it. Your welcome on my comments to you, got your thank you email.... keep the shabby chic vision going!!!! wink wink
ava g