Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I have just returned from the most 
one could ever wish for. 
Not only were the sights good but the company was even better as I traveled 
with my Aunt, Mom and Seeeester!!

Not only was I unplugged for almost 2 weeks.....
I didn't create one blessed thing!!
That combination can make for a
rather irritable girl.

Upon return home....there were the mounds of laundry,
house cleaning, computer work....
so this morning, I was about to clean up my work surface
and I decided to have a 
create with what is on your work surface challenge...
so here it is....
my "misfits" tag!

Now....I am only allowed to use what is on my
crafting table....
I did pull out a pair of "Timmy" scissors 
and his Tiny Attacher!!

Now the colors I had to work with...
Radiant Rain ~ Shimmering Mist
Teal Zircon
Radiant Rain ~ Color Concentrate
Jasper Red

Probably wouldn't have normally chosen this color combo....
but that's what sooo fun about this challenge!
The twine was a bright pink....
I toned it down with a bit of Butternut Shimmering Mist.

I had some Viva Decor Crackle paint there also...
along with the cardboard tag that already
had a background created 
with Precious Metal Effects Paint.

I randomly applied a layer of Base Coat for Porous Surfaces,
with my palette knife....good and messy like!

When dry....with the same palette knife I applied the 
Viva Colour ~ Crackle Paint....
but decided to try something....
I sprinkled on some Meridian Blue Primary Elements...
spritzed it with a bit of 
Gold Pearl Shimmering Mist.
REALLY like how it came out!!!

I just love the "Words" from Splash of Color....
you can say what you want!!

So I challenge YOU.....
What can you create with your misfits?????


Elly said...

Your imagination must be all over the top, because even using left over pieces, your creations always turn out stunning for me. (:o)

Sandy said...

You are too dag gone good -- you know that???? This creation is fabulous!!
I so enjoyed your picture and am glad you had a great vacation!!

Donna Arkle (DizzyDee) said...

Wow this is beautiful! Xx