Monday, July 22, 2013

....they are IN THE HOUSE!!!

I don't know about you....
I've been waiting for!!!


SOOO.....without further fan fair!
Here are the little beauties in 

Now the REALLLY COOL thing is....
I, Lynne Forsythe, had a hand in
designing 4 of these LOVE~LY dies.

If you can guess which 4 are mine....
I will personally send you ALL 4!!

Here is a little sneak peak to
help you with the guessing process!!

Be sure to leave a comment with your guess....

The New Die~Namites Dies
are available at the Die~Namites Store!!

I will be picking a winner on Monday, July 29th.


Dame Jeanne Marie said...

First of ll, i think it is really cool that you are into designing; congrats!!! i'm guessing they are bUdding branch, leafy branch, knobby branch and summer branch??

Caroline D. said...

ooo... such great shapes and designs! Can't wait to see your project in it's entirety! My guess for the 4 is knobby branch, funky flower, blooming carnation, and budding vine.

Linda Cain said...

Dainty Daisies, Funky flower, Swirly Butterfly, and Leafy Branch are my guesses. But they're all right up your alley!


Stephanie said...

Congrats on the designing Lynne! I'd love to win any of these beautiful dies! My guess would be Blooming Carnation, Nobby Branch, Leafy Branch and Budding Branch!

Carol Woodley said...

Lovely stuff Lynne. My guess is Dainty Daisies, Daisy Vine (since you have been using them)then the 3 birdhouses and the tree with birdhouse. Thanks.

Teresa said...

My guess is the Dainty Daisies, the Daisy Vine, the Budding Vine and the Budding Branch. t.igo

Dottie said...

I,too, loved your tutorial. I am chomping at the bit to see the whole tutorial on this art piece as I think it is fabulous! You are so clever and have such a gift to not only explain things but to create wonderful artwork as well!