Friday, July 6, 2012

Had to try it!!!

With all the CHA doings going on.....I needed to take a creative break for me and just make something......cause I wanted to play.

While at work yesterday....I picked up a jar of Modelling Creme and Precious Metal Colour (both by Viva).....cause I just wanted to play with them to see how they worked.

I began my journey with a piece of Paint It! with Luminarte paper by Art Warehouse/Danelle Johnson. Using my Tag and Bookplate die.....I cut out a tag.

I pulled out one of my favorite stencils by Dyan Reavely and with my palette knife....smeared on some of the Modeling Creme ~ Mother of Pearl. With the stencil still in place I sprinked on some Vintage Glitter Glass.

Now to tell on myself....I'm not a very patient person when it come to waiting for things to dry.....sooo, I pulled out my heat tool to see what would happen and it caused the product to set up quickly. YEAHHHHH!!

I then pulled out the bottle of Precious Metal Color and randomly painted over the leaves!! Once again....I used my handy dandy heat tool to dry the layer and it worked just fine!!

I then let the spritzing begin...gotta love those Radiant Rain ~ Shimmering Mists!!.....A little Sunburst...some Ginger Peach...a bit of Sweet Whisper.....then a splash of Bashful Blue and Periwinkle. soooo YUMMALISH!!

That's when I noticed how it looked like I had outlined the leaves....not sure how/why that happened but I like the effect!

I did a little fine painting of the images on the dipping my paint brush in the open bottles of Shimmering Mist.

NOW...what Lynne creation wouldn't be complete with out some FLOWERS!!! hehehe....I chose a few Color Me Crazy beauties....I spritzed..I painted....and they are beautiful....I even used one at the bottom of the tag....which by the way is backed with a piece of Canvas Corp Denim!!

And there you have it....I feel better and I hope you enjoyed you creative journey!!!


Lori said...

Don't you love it when those trials turn out fabulous! Really cool tag Lynne!

Lori said...

Don't you love it when those trials turn out fabulous! Really cool tag Lynne!

Jen said...

Love it when you "play" and share the results with us, it always inspires me! This is gorgeous!!

Maureen Hayes said...

It is so important to play just for ourselves sometimes, and this is a beautiful example of what happens when we do! You were able to let your creativity run free because you were using what you wanted and doing what moved you. I love this tag, everything about it, from the colors, to the flowers to the denim backing! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Norma G. said...

Oh...I've wanting to pick up some modeling medium to play with too! Very cool project, TFS!

Linda Cain said...

I gotta try that modeling paste. Looks like so much fun!


Georgie Horn said...

amazing for such a quick project. I'm not patient either. Come by for a visit.

Rea' said...

Beautiful TAG ... love that blue and orange color combo... and your techniques sound fun !!

Jules said...

Lively piece of it. Those Viva products look to be amazing.

Marjie Kemper said...

So rich and yummy! Loving all those layers and texture.

Carol said...

Really like how that looked like you outlined, even though you didn't! Creativity is so much fun!