Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Self Challenge

I was in a bad way.....
my creativity gone....nowhere to be found!
....and I was VERY SAD.
When I've encouraged others with this same malady
I emboldened them to find a challenge...
check out a sketch to inspire their creativity.
I tried these same tactics and NOTHING!

So what did I do.....
watch this little clip to find out!!

Here is what I came up with my
"floor 'TOVERS" hahahahaha

Now, this was my challenge to myself
use only what I picked up off the floor
or what was on my craft surface.

 In the end, I cheated and pulled out a stamp that
spoke to my heart!

Products Used
Tattered Angels

Black Orchid
Canvas CorpCanvas Garland
Crown Mash

Relics & ArtifactsAncient Heart

Yvonne Blair Design/IOStamps
Everyday Quotes 1


Caroline D. said...

LOL You've got to find your art journals! The chunky 3D tag you created is beautiful! Playing with all that surely helped your mojo...looks like it was fun to make!

BeckyM said...

Hahahaha!!!! I LOVE your idea!! And for heaven sakes why would you think that I would judge you!! You haven't seen MY floor mess!!! Lol!! Thanks for the smile today! I needed it. Xoxo

Jo - Jo's Scrap Shack said...

Well ... not bad at all for just floor scraps LOL ... I think you did an amazing job... and now I challenge you to create another doodad with the leftovers from the floor scraps that you didn't use!!! LOL
Have a wonderful weekend!
♥ Jo's Scrap Shack ♥
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