Thursday, December 4, 2008

Beeswax Ornaments

So I love to collect things...and one of them being Vintage Post Cards....they are beautiful and it's also a lot of fun to read them. Well I stole an idea from Suze W.....the use of large laminate samples. I got mine from a local building supply store. I went to Lowes and asked the Kitchen Designer if she had any samples that were outdated....she was generous. A big thank you!!! So I proceeded to have fun and this is what I came up with.....
I had sent my husband out to get copies made of the postcards for me, you don't want to use the original as it will be gone forever....he had them made on a heavier stock than I was used to..... but it was a great idea as I was able to cut out the individual images and bend them before dipping them into the Beeswax for a way cool 3-d effect. Sorry no pict of them yet! I am teaching this in a class next week, should be tons of fun!!

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Just-Kim said...

A beautiful piece! Where are you teaching it??

I'll have to see if I can find any laminate tags around. Hmmm...

great job, Lynne!!

Kim P.