Monday, March 2, 2009

Copic Certified Designer

Well it's official....I am a Copic Certified Designer. Debbie and I travelled to Topsfield, MA to an amazing LSS....Absolutely Everything...and they are what their name says!!! So much to look at and so little time!!

Now I must confess, coloring in images is not my favorite thing...but my horizons has been broadened and I now that I have a greater understanding of the Copic Markers...I am becoming a fan!!!

I now know the inks and papers to use, how to blend and shadow...and that I need more Sketch Markers to use them properly! Our order of the next 36 colors should be in soon so I will be able to expand my color selection.

So, I did play this morning with the limited markers I have and created this little ditty. I used BG13, BG18 and the coolest Glitter Pen...a Lemon Spica! Amazing pen!!

I will be having a class at Generations of Memories in the near future. I am looking forward to showing you how to use your Copic Markers to the fullest!! See you there!

Thank you Sally Lynn Macdonald for the great job and for pushing me out of my box!!


Zoa said...

congrats on the copic certification!!!

I just wanted to tell you how much I really love your work- and I was SHOCKED you weren't named for the CTS DT... I am so sorry you weren't, but I think your stuff rocks and I hope you stick around the site!! Have a great night :)

Just-Kim said...

Congrats to you too! It was great sitting with you and chatting a bit. Great job on the card! And good luck to you!!!

Ann said...

I will be looking forward to learning how to use Copic markers. All the art I've seen made with them is fabulous. I have been hesitant to get them due to the cost and my lack of knowledge of their use. Love your work and your metal flowers!!

take a little piece of my art said...

OMG!!! I love that store!!!! I'd love to learn more about Copic's, is Generations having a class?????