Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Never...GIVE UP!!!

I was driving into work the other day and a segment from Focus on the Family came on the radio....they are always a thought provoking commentary. This time they were talking about....Abraham Lincoln, a man who never gave up. They began to list all the things he tried and failed at, businesses, runs for different congressional seats, and more. The list was quiet lengthy....but he never GAVE UP....regardless his defeat!!!

It's hard when you lay your heart and soul out there, bear it for all to see, then your hopes are dashed!! Part of me says.... don't put yourself out there, don't allow yourself to be hurt.... settle for the mediocre.... you cry.... but I have to acknowledge those feeling and move onto the next step, the most important step.... PULL UP YOUR BOOTSTRAPS and try again... Keep trying until to you accomplish your goal. NEVER GIVE UP!!! For when then the day arrives that you reach you goal.... Watch out world... then watch your back so you don't get shot in the head!!! hehehehehe

On my long weekend, I created a few layouts.... here they are! I love my boy but I find it to be very difficult to create LO of him... I can do a girlie girl page without reserve, flowers, flourishes, all those things...but God gave me a here it goes ...I used Prima paper...TDF!!! the layered circles are cut out of fabric, and an added touch of hand stitching!!!

Here is the other page I did, of my Diva Niece!! I cut the flower with my Slice...gotta love it!! The stitching around the edge finished off the page!


Zoa said...

just wanted to comment on this one too ;)

please don't give up- I have to be honest- when I saw your stuff in the CTS gallery, my hopes sank. I was thinking "oh great- no chance here!" I knew our styles were similar and I was thinking there was no way I would get chosen over you. This DT comes to me after a long line of rejected applications and it was just the boost I needed to keep going. I hope you keep trying as well!!!

(and if I totally misunderstood your post- then please, just disregard this wacko!!! haha!!)

take a little piece of my art said...

Are you liking your Slice? I'm finding it very difficult to use!!! I'm really thinking about trading it for an expression!!!!!!!