Saturday, June 28, 2014

Textiles and Templates

I LOVE using textiles in my creations....
vintage fabrics, lace, burlap and canvas
are among my favorites.
So.....when I received my Canvas Corp Burlap Pillow Round...
I couldn't WAIT to play with it!!
.....and here is my finished product!
My Life Heart Pillow by Lynne ForsytheI do have to say this was my first try at stenciling on burlap....
I was very unsure of how it was going to work
due to the weave of the fabric and the density of the fibers...
but I was going to give it a try anyways!
I chose the Crafters Workshop ~ Quatrefoil Reversed 12x12 template and
a bit of Precious Metal Effect Paint ~ Mother of Pearl
and a makeup sponge,
.....can I say.... it worked WONDERFULLY!
Just a hint of color on the Canvas Corp Light Pink heart....PERFECT!
My Heart Pillow by Lynne ForsytheI just LOVE how it came out!
My Heart Pillow by Lynne ForsytheNow when it comes to stenciling on canvas....
to me.....that is easy peasy!
I used the Crafters Workshop ~ Mini Chickenwire Reversed 6x6
and Sketch Grid 12x12
and applied small amounts of
Precious Metal Effect Paint ~ Gold
with the same makeup sponge
and applied it to Canvas Corp ~ Mini Shapes ~ Flags
and a heart I cut from a Canvas Corp ~ 12 x 12 Canvas Sheet.
My Heart Pillow by Lynne ForsytheMy Heart Pillow by Lynne Forsythe
I accented the pillow with
Mother of Pearl Buttons and 7Gypsies Hardware and Metals.
My Heart Pillow by Lynne ForsytheI finished off my pillow with a Canvas Corp Burlap flower
accented with
more 7 Gypsies Hardware and Metal and a big ole Mother of Pearl button
and LOTS of hand stitching and Multi Medium to hold it all together.
My Heart Pillow by Lynne ForsytheI haven't decided yet if I am going to stuff it and use
it as a pillow or hang it on my wall....
WHAT do you think??
I hope you have enjoyed my experiment....
may just have to TRY this AGAIN! Crafters Workshop Design Team


Linda Pekrul said...

This is shabbilly, chically WONDERFUL Lynne! GORGEOUS! Thanks for all the close ups. I love the effect that you got with that precious metal paint! Pillow or wall ... it needs to be somewhere where it can be admired on a daily basis!

Sue said...

Hello Lynne,
Oh YeS, Oh Yes you can say the stencils worked wonderfully on the burlap. Goodness me I love what you have created here, I too have a penchant for fabric/lace etc on my creations as it is so tactile, and I so want to pick this up and run my fingers all over it.
All the little bits and pieces are delightful and your added elements juxtapose perfectly. Fantastic work.

ionabunny said...

This is delightful. Love the textures with the burlap and the soft pinks. This would be a lovely wall or door hanging. I think it would be seen more. It should be seen. So lovely

Denverkat276 said...

I love the textile feel of it all. Quite lovely