Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I'm on a roll....
two blog posts in a ROW!!'s another CHALLENGE!

a word
something wild

and here is my creation!

I think this project fits the parameter....DO YOU????
The base is a 6 x 6 wood palette.
I lathered on Perfect Paints texture mediums through
various stencils for background interest.

It just so happened, I had picked up a piece of birch bark
while on my walk today!
So, I decided to incorporate it into my creation
along with a bit of chicken wire.
(doesn't everyone have a roll of aged chicken wire in their studio??)

Next, I pulled out my handy dandy staple gun
and secured the pieces/parts to the wood palette. 

I then, pulled out a package of Cherry Blossoms
........but something seemed to be missing!!!!
SOOOO.....I gathered up the pieces/parts
put on my jacket and headed outdoors in
search of a branch!

To finish off my wooden canvas and the challenge,
I needed......a word!
I chose......LAUGH
I spritzed the word and rubbed on a little paint for color. was PERFECT!
(and a bit wild)

I hope you have enjoyed my creation.
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Maureen Chandler said...

It is perfectly wonderful - thanks so much!!!

Cheryl Grigsby said...

Nice work, wild woman! I love your interpretation and your search outdoors for elements for your art. Brilliant and beautiful!!

WendyK said...

Fabulous, love the whole idea, and yes I do have wire in my studio, and I pick up bark etc.

Michelle Gray said...

I love it! Now I know what to do with those bits of board ends I've been saving for "who knows why".
But when I see something so textured, I can't help wonder, how in the world do you clean the dust off off it. You'll want to display it, so it's bound to get dusty.
Nonetheless, I still love it and want to try my take on this challenge.

Annette Green said...

I absolutely LOVE this creation, Lynn. You aced the three-W's challenge. Gorgeous!

Candy C said...

Lynne....this piece is gorgeous! I love it's simple look yet I know it was not simple to create! I adore your beehive looking embossed background against the natural look of the wood. The piece of what looks like river birch bark makes such a neat natural statement, too. I love the pink flowers you've perfectly placed on top of that very cool chicken wire addition. So much texture and dimension! LAUGH is a perfect sentiment for this piece. It's light and airy and reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely art with all of us at Creative Carte Blanche.

Yvonne said... know I love this...all that yummy texture! You rocked this challenge! wink...So glad you played along! BIG HUGS!!!