Thursday, June 23, 2016


Hey y'all....
guess it's been a little while since I
created for myself....
I seem to be in some type of a creative funk lately...
so I decided to challenge myself!
So I headed to Walmart and the clearance section
and this is what I found.....

.....I put them in my basket, cashed out and headed home.
The first thing I saw when I returned home was
an 11" x 14" art board, so I grabbed it
along with some goodies to work with.

Tattered Angels
High Impact ~ Olive

Multi Medium Matte

And I let the LAYERING BEGIN!!

I cut up my purchased trims
into various shapes and sizes
added a piece of sheet music
and some mesh drywall tape,
laid it all out and then
adhered EVERYTHING with
Multi Medium.

I applied a layer of Organic Sugar using
my handy dandy Catalyst Wedge -02

When dry, I painted on a layer a mixture of
Bavarian Cream and Glaze Medium.

Now for the scary part....
I mixed a 50/50 amount of
Glaze Medium and Espresso
and applied it randomly on my canvas...
waited then wiped it off with baby wipes.
Phew....I liked the look!

I applied a bit of Gesso over the finished canvas.
Now to build....
to follow along with the "mesh" look
I cut a piece of wire mesh and
stapled it to the art board.

Here is the finished canvas.....

I pulled out a Canvas Corp ~ Burlap heart
 I had previously cut from my 'Tovers pile
and built on it
with a Canvas Corp ~ Canvas heart
another heart cut from one of the trims
a larger vintage sheet music heart
finished off with a Canvas Corp ~ Flute heart.

But it just didn't seem complete so I pulled out
a few UmWowStudio Chippies
Leafy Mash
and applied a layer of diluted 
Organic Sugar for texture.
When dry I painted on some
 Tattered Angels ~ Olive.

Here are a few more close-ups of my creation...

I finished off my lovely with a
Petaloo Mini Garden Rosette
and a bit of vintage trim.

I hope you enjoyed my clearance Challenge
as much as I did!!!
Now to find a place on my wall to hang this!


Paper Therapy Ponderings said...

beautiful project - I hope your funk is now gone
I have never heard of Organic Sugar - is it an art thing or a cooking thing

thanks for sharing
Barb Housner

Maureen Chandler said...

This is a lovely project and I enjoy hearing about how you created it! Thanks so much!!!

Rea' said...

Had to get my drooling towel out ... I'm just so "struck" by the beauty of your work and the layers, and elements . Your work takers me to my happy place !
Not to mention the inspiration :)

Margaret D. Shipe said...

It's the first time I have ever heard about organic sugar. Interesting stuff and wonderful project. But I want to know more, so I have found article about differences between organic and white sugar here .