Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rain Rain go away...

So I woke up this morning to hear the rumble of thunder and the sound of rain and I sooooo wanted to just roll over and pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep but LIFE was calling....lunches to be made....kids out the door for school...did I find out where every one would be after school and who need picked up where? ! ? ... my creating bags packed for work...gotta get this falls class schedule going...then there's me to get ready and out the door on time...which never seems to happen. . . which I was late again...and of course that would lead to getting behind some dear old lady puttering along at 5-10 miles below the speed limit and when the only passing lane comes along came the cars in the other direction!!! maybe I should have pulled the covers over my head!!!. . . boy oh boy the rambling. . . I think I do need to go create and get this excess whatever outta me!!!!!

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Just-Kim said...

I was in a fog today too, Lynne. Migraine and everything. Thankfully it's gone away. I hope you were able to get some creating done!