Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The smell of rubber and exhaust.........

Ok so I love NASCAR!!! And my husband and I were totally blessed with 4 tickets to the race at NH Motor Speedway for the Sylvania 300....it was awesome!!!! The smell of burning rubber. I love it!! And the rumble in my chest as 43 cars go racing by....words just can't describe it!!! It was quite iffy as to whether or not it would go green but the rain passed, they brought out the blowers, dried off the track and it was a great day for a race!!! Had a couple of wrecks...always good to see! Kyle wahwah Busch did horrible YEAH!! So it was a great day!!! even though Jeff Gordon did not do so hot. (he finished 14th) Took all day yesterday to recoup now I can function again! And I'm ready to go.

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