Saturday, January 27, 2018

My Metallic Princess

Hi Everybody....
We've made it into the new year....2018
A new year calls for some new product.
....and I got my hands on the
from The Crafter's Workshop.

And off I went, trying out the new product.
I ran it through stencils,
I lathered it on with a palette knife.
I applied it to fabric and paper. 
The only thing I found is it wasn't
fond of having the drying
 process accelerated by using a heat tool
but still faired well!

I applied a bit of Canvas Corp Tissue Stock
to a piece of CC Cardstock ~ Kraft.
Then I began the layering.
And layer I did....7 of them in fact
using TCW stencils, new and old.

I LOVED how this paper felt when I was finished
....almost like leather. Textured leather that is!

Now, what to make with my new paper??!??!
I went digging through my box of naked bases
and found a Chunky ATC.

I painted my wooden ATC with TCW paint.
Can I tell you it was hard to cut this paper
....but I did!

While my block was drying, I went in search of wing material.
I decided on a piece of CC Flute ~ Kraft
and I applied layers of Metallic Modeling paste.
Now, I have no idea what the tool is I used but
I ran it down the grooves of the paper
and let the modeling paste dry.

I then cut up the strip of paper and adhered it to my block.
I pulled out a bag of mixed wood parts
and picked out a few and painted them
with the modeling paste.
(it had great coverage)

I used Sizzix/Tim Holtz Distressed Doily
to cut the Metallic Princess' wings.

I painted a few vintage buttons with
the Modeling Paste and it worked WONDERFULLY,
one coat did the job.

I even pleated the paper and the Modeling Paste didn't crack!

She wouldn't be a princess without a crown.
I pulled out my UmWowStudio ~ Crown Mash,
picked a crown and painted it with more Modeling Paste.

This product gets a two thumbs up from me!

I hope you have enjoyed my creative journey. 
I still have more paper so be watching
to see what else I make.

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